Breaking Point

Breaking Point

Introduction to Community Updates and Devblogs

Thank you for stopping by to read our first official community update since the kickstarter last year! Every month until game release we will be putting out a series of detailed blog posts that will review features, designs, and systems we are working on, why we are working on them, and what they will mean for the full game. We will also be providing shorter updates containing relevant community information to supplement these technical blog posts. But first we need to update everyone on what has happened over the last year and where we are today.

Where have we been?

Following the Kickstarter last Summer we had to go into a bit of a hibernation mode since up to that point we had been unsustainably self funded. Without the necessary funds from the Kickstarter we could not continue development in any meaningful full time capacity. Small part time work continued on the map and design docs were being fleshed out, but no real progress was going to be made until we were funded and working full time again given that we all had jobs and bills to pay. The remainder of 2017 and most of 2018 were dedicated to this goal. As of September 1st of this year we have relocated the core members of the development team in order to work together in the same location. We have also added several talented members to the remote team in the areas of Environmental Art, Animations, and Software Development.

Going Forward.

Our team is dedicated to bringing this game to life and we will be detailing the process and highlights to you in these blogs over the coming months. Initially the blogs will be at the beginning of each month and may start occurring more frequently as development continues. We look forward to sharing with you all and thank you for your support!

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