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Breaking Point

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26th of June, 2019

All about our Alderon Games launcher, and outlining our other projects and how they will directly benefit Breaking Point.

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Community Update #5

20th of April, 2019

Update on Q1 goal.

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Dev Blog #6

19th of March, 2019

Damage model and hit registration details

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Dev Blog #5

23rd of February, 2019

A breakdown of our plans for utilizing our own platform.

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Community Update #4

3rd of February, 2019

Overview of our plan for the modding community.

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Dev Blog #4

16th of January, 2019

A technical discussion about Server versus Client authoritative networking and True vs Non-True First Person characters.

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Dev Blog #3

15th of December, 2018

More details on Animations, Characters, and Sounds!

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Community Update #3

3rd of December, 2018

Community update on Animation and 3D art

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Dev Blog #2

15th of November, 2018

More details about our UI and Sound Design

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Community Update #2

1st of November, 2018

Community updates on UI, Sound Design, and our closed Playable Demo

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Dev Blog #1

18th of October, 2018

Discussing one of the foundations of optimization and performance.

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Community Update #1

30th of September, 2018

Reintroduction to Breaking Point development, dev blogs, and what is next.

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