Breaking Point

Breaking Point

Happy Halloween!...ish.

This month we wanted to update you on a few main areas that we are working on at the moment; UI, Sound Design, and our playable Demo target. Keep an eye out for our Dev Blog later this month for a more in-depth look at the concepts and designs!


Early on we knew that this was an area that needed to be treated with as much care as any other core gameplay mechanic given how much time a player spends in their inventory in this type of game and how important the efficiency of that experience is. Item drag time/distance, color schemes, resolution, and the general aesthetics all need to work together to make inventory management as smooth as possible. We are not going to reinvent the wheel here, but rather take proven concepts and Quality of Life touches to create a UI flow that simply works correctly for this style of game. More details to follow later this month!

Sound Design

Much like UI, this is another area often not given the proper design attention. Character movement, environmental audio, background music, weapon sounds, impact sounds, and all the little bits that make the world feel real are very important. We are using Audiokinetic Wwise integrated with UE4 and a Logic Pro based recording workflow utilizing professionally recorded foley and music to make Breaking Point an auditory feast! Great care is being taken with the quality, variety, and functionality of the audio in the Breaking Point world.

Playable Demo

We are targeting Q1 of 2019 for our playable demo environment that will serve two main purposes. First, it will be the first look for eligible players (more info about that later!) and will provide the means to test out core gameplay mechanics in an offline single player environment. Second, it will serve as a test bed for features, bug testing, and general experimentation relating to anything non-network focused. Essentially a small, playable development branch that doubles as an offline mode!

More to come soon, stay tuned!

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