Breaking Point

Breaking Point

Q1 update and future Breaking Plans

In an earlier blog post we talked about striving towards having a playable demo by the end of Q1. We have also been working on a second, smaller scope project as the size and complexity of Breaking Point made it very high risk for a small, independent studio.

As of today we are pausing development on Breaking Point to focus on the smaller project. Not dead, just paused. With the current funds available and the work left to be done, we projected out to the end of the year and had to accept that with current progress, we would either have to significantly cut the scope of Breaking Point or risk running out of funds to continue. We would much rather take more time than cut down on what we want Breaking Point to be so we are focusing our efforts elsewhere and will revisit Breaking Point development once the smaller project is complete.

The good news is that many things being developed for the other project will be directly beneficial to Breaking Point development, the bad news is that obviously this will take more time. We still maintain our stance of not cutting corners so this is the path that must be taken for now. We will continue Blog Post updates when development has resumed and we thank you for your patience and support!

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