Breaking Point

Breaking Point

Welcome to December! We've been hard at work planning our 2019 and we wanted to fill you in on the two main areas being focused on. As always, more in depth tech talk will be coming in the middle of the month.


This has been a LONG standing sore spot for us as we had a great deal of difficulty getting what we needed. From personnel issues to technical problems to several instances of work not being up to our standards, animations have been our white whale for almost 2 years now. Thankfully we have an amazing team member who is utilizing the services of 31st Street Studios in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for full motion capture animation creation. MoCap animations were necessary to realize our design goal of having a much wider variety of possible environmental interaction from cliff and tree climbing to charging through doors and climbing over a wide array of obstacles. Check out our Dev Blog in two weeks for some previews of these and other animations!

3D Art

As part of our 2019 development plan we needed to expand our art team to meet the needs of the maps we are developing. Three 3D artists have been added to the team and are dilligently working with our existing team to both create new assets and update older ones to meet our design requirements. We are utilizing a combination of 3D Photoscanning and traditional hand modeled art for all of our assets and characters. Our dedicated character artist is developing the 21 unique Faction characters as well, stay tuned for previews in our next Dev Blog!

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